Research Projects

Ongoing Major Research Project of the Institution:

1.Assessment, Identification and Remediation for children with Learning Disabilities in the State of      Kerala.

Funding agency Fund Allotted Year Principal Investigator and Project Fellow
CSST Educational Agency and Mt. Carmel College of Teacher Education      Rs.5,00,000 2005 onwards      Dr.Sr.AliceMathew 
      Ms Susheela Jose

Ongoing Minor Research Projects of the Institution

1.Developing an intervention strategy to enhance academic achievement of primary school          children with Attention Deficit Disorder.

  Funding Agency                       Fund Alloted                      Year              Principal Investigator 
 UGC       Rs.90,000/-  March 2013           Sr.Dr Alice Mathew.

2. Effectiveness of Discourse oriented Instructional Material in developing Functional writing skills       in English among Secondary school students of Kottayam District.

Funding Agency                       Fund Alloted                      Year          Principal  Investigator 
 UGC       Rs.1,50,000/-  March 2013    Dr. Mary Sheba Jose.

Completed Major Research Projects:

1.  Assessment, Identification and Remedial Education for Children with Learning Problems in the      primary Schools of Kottayam

Funding agency Fund Allotted Duration(years)  Principal Investigator
 UGC Rs.5,38,000
 2007-2010 Dr.Sr.Alice Mathew

2. Development of an intervention strategy for teachers and parents for the remediation of              children with Dyscalculia at primary level.

Funding agency Fund Allotted Duration(years)  Principal Investigator
 UGC Rs.4,91,200/-
 2010-2012 Dr. Pushpa Marian

Completed Minor Research Projects

1. Developing peace consciousness through co-operative learning strategies among secondary  level teacher trainees of Kottayam district in Kerala

Funding agency Fund Allotted Duration
Principal Investigator
UGC    Rs.80,000      2009-2010 Sr.Dr.Philomina Thomas

2. Identification of the misconceptions and the effect of remediation strategies for its eradication     in Physical Science among VIII standard students of Kottayam.

Funding agency

Fund  Allotted

Duration (years)

Principal Investigator




Dr.Susamma George P.